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I have two applications. I want to disable one according a field stored in a database. Is possible to disable an application (((if it's not posible) a module) by code maybe using a filter) ? I've found a piece of code that executes the project:disable but i think it's not nice enough.

The alternative I think is to check the value stored in the database inside a custom filter and then redirect to an action that inform 'The site is disabled'.

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You can create a filter that checks if the current user may access the requested module/action:

if($this->getRequest()->getParameter('module')=='yourmodule' && !$this->getUser()->mayAccess('yourmodule'()){
  //redirect to somewhere else

In user class:

function mayAccess($module){
  $key = $module.'_enabled';

    $enabled = ... //Fetch permission from database

  return $this->getAttribute($key);

Something like that. Maybe you can use the modules security.yml file and override the function that checks the users credentials and permissions, like the hasCredential() method? That actually seems a more clean way to do it.


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You could dynamically load only the application you want in your index.php file.

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