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I want to start BDD on Ruby On Rails what should I learn? I don't know anything about BDD, RSpec or Cucumber. What is the best way to learn? Tutorials? Something that cover things like 'What behavior I should test?' etc.


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RSpec specific; I keep these links for reference (might be advance for beginners). But just wanna share it with you. (Some of it probably already outdated but I think still worth a read)

Rspec Link Fest - links to other references

RSpec in Controllers: Testing your Application Controller with rSpec

Testing Controllers with rspec

Using Rspec on Controllers

RSpec in Models: stub_model by Dave Chelimsky

Do we really need Controller and View tests? - some discussion

RSpec in Views:

RSpec testing views for escaped HTML

Rspec Stories (now Cucumber):

Understanding RSpec Stories - a Tutorial

Rspec on Windows:

RSpec, autotest and Snarl on Windows - dunno if this still relevant

p/s: Some are from 2007, I'm not sure if the stuffs are outdated or not, but these are the some of my references used to learn RSpec. Hope it helps

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Start with two articles by Dan North: Introducing BDD, followed closely What's in a Story?

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I found this to be a useful video to introduce bdd/cucumber, and actually see it in action:

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here is a useful tutorial

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where is the part 2? – Sayuj Jul 18 '11 at 9:59

Start at the top, RSpec home page:

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-1 this is not helpful at all, just a link to a book with no explanation of what you find useful there. there is only one simple example on the page. – botbot Aug 7 '12 at 18:36

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