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Can anyone give me any pointers on why the following ./configure settings do not appear to actually affect my build of PHP?


  • php-5.3.5
  • Compiling in order to use php-cgi on a per-domain basis

For example, my ./configure looks like this:

./configure --with-curl --enable-mbstring

The make, make install works fine, and I successfully get my php-cgi binary. When I run:

<?php phpinfo() ?>

I can see that I am running 5.3.5, but there is no sign of curl or mbstring.

However, there is a catch: If I use run phpize on the extension directly (in the source) and go through a proper ./configure, make, make install, I can add:


to my php.ini and then I see mbstring in my phpinfo() output.

What I surmise from this is that I can put in the extra effort to manually compile each and every extension I want, but I cannot get the extensions to compile in directly.

Any thoughts?

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first dummy rule : did you restart your apache? if you are testing via a web page. Secondly, try PATH/php -m, and PATH/php -i grep config, both are tally? lastly, make sure you are access the correct php binaries –  ajreal Feb 1 '11 at 7:25
I got the same problem. I build some extension with source code under ext folder, some extension is successfully loaded by php, but only curl and mbstring can not be loaded. Anybody knows why? Thanks. –  brucenan May 16 '13 at 6:40

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ajreal's comment pointed me in the right direction.

I was trying a few things all at the same time and ended up crossing a few wires. I was not successful at creating a symbolic link to the php-cgi binary, so it had been copied to:


It was still pointing to the correct php.ini, but was not the same binary as what I had later compiled with the additional extensions.

Now it makes sense why modules added in the php.ini showed up but were not directly compiled in. Lesson learned!

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