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I have a string that looks like this:

d = "foo\u00A0\bar"

When I check the length, it says that it is 7 characters long. I checked online and found out that it is a non-breaking space. Could someone show me how to remove all the non-breaking spaces in a string?

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irb(main):001:0> d = "foo\u00A0\bar"
=> "foo \bar"
irb(main):002:0> d.gsub("\u00A0", "")
=> "foo\bar"
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d.gsub("\u00A0", "") does not work in Ruby 1.8. Instead use d.gsub(/\302\240/,"")

See http://blog.grayproductions.net/articles/understanding_m17n for lots more on the character encoding differences between 1.8 and 1.9.

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