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So I'm sure this is a noob question, but while reading a post on Android programing I came across a line like so:

List<Map<String, String>> groupData = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();

My question is what does <Map<String, String>> mean? I've tried Googling it but all I get are listings about operators in Java.

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This is because List and Map use generics. So your List is a list of Maps which are Maps with keys of type String and values of type String

You can read here about generics

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a Map<type, type> is a collection that associates one of the first type with one of the second type. So a Map<String, String> associates a String with another String. This is an instance of generics. The List<Map<String, String>> means you have a list that holds Maps that hold two Strings

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This is a declaration using Java Generics. You should parse the angle brackets not as mathematical operators, but as a sort of fancy parentheses surrounding types. In functions, you pass instances of particular types as arguments; in generics, you pass the actual types as arguments.

Let's work from the inside out. The first part to read is

Map<String, String>

This means "an instance of Map whose keys are Strings and whose values are Strings." For example, this might associate peoples' names with their driver's license numbers. We then use these as elements in a

List<Map<String, String>>

which is a List of elements where each element is a Map from String keys to String values. This might be, for example, a list of different name-to-driver's-license-IDs for different states.

You should probably read up on generics; they come up all the time in Java and are a pretty handy tool. You will see them a lot as you continue your Java journey, and they're an invaluable tool to have in your programming arsenal.

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A Map whose keys are Strings and whose values are Strings.

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