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In an effort to sharpen my programming skills, I'm looking at doing some on-the-side learning / web development in either ASP.NET MVC, or Ruby on Rails. (I'm completely new to both, though I have a solid C#/Java background).

Based on current market trends and demands, which technology should I sway towards if I want to get the best return-on-investment down the road?

From my understanding there is a greater demand for ASP.NET MVC, but at the same time, there are a lot more qualified/experienced ASP.NET MVC developers.

Ruby-on-Rails on the other hand: there's less projects, but developers seems harder to find.

One concern for Ruby is that Oracle recently dropped it from the Netbeans IDE.

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Since you already know C#, it will be easier to learn .NET MVC. I've also seen a lot more jobs that wanted .NET MVC than Rails.

Personal opinion
I have been an ASP.NET developer for the last 3 years and I love C#. However, my personal opinion is that .NET MVC is not as easy to use or nearly as mature as RoR. I have recently developed a passion for RoR. There are some things that you can do with .NET MVC, but are built into the culture of RoR. For example, there is a lot of focus on making the developer experience nice, Test-Driven Development, and convention over configuration (to speed up development). I also have to admit that RoR development on Windows isn't as nice. To really enjoy it, I would use a Mac or dual boot to *nix.

There is a lot of debate on this issue and it really comes down to what constraints you have and what your preference is. If you're trying to gain an career advantage, I think that there is more potential in .NET MVC (at least where I live in Utah and from what I can tell from other areas). I've personally found Ruby to be a really fun, unique language to use that makes me happy writing code.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the NetBeans IDE is not among the popular IDEs used by Rubyists. I've never heard of anyone using it for Ruby.

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