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While deploying reports I am getting login prompt asking for the User Name and password. I have tried providing all possible id and passwords but no use. I can access both the Report manager url and ReportServer url but if I start deploying reports through SQL Server Business Intelligence development studio I am getting the above mentioned prompt. Please let me know how to avoid this.

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Make sure that the server on which you are trying to deploy the Reports, you must be under the group which has the following Role assigned. Browser, ContentManager and Publisher.

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goto Start menu ->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->Configuration tools ->select Reporting services configuration manager ->Connect Report server ->Select Database from the left side options -> Current Report server Database -> Click Change Database ->Choose Existing server Database ->Test the connection ->Next -> Select Report Server as Report server Database.

And goto Select Database from the left side options -> "Current Report server Database Credentials" ->select Authentication type as integrated security and Test connection -> select Authentication type as Service credentials.

I hope it will resolve the problems

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I use VM for SSRS development.. and it's not a member of the domain where the SSRS Service lives.

I was able to easily eliminate prompts when deploying reports.. by setting up a LOCAL user account on the SSRS server that used the same username / password as what I was using in my VM.

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I had the same issue, but this worked for me: When deploying from SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, you must be running it as Administrator. ie. Right-Click and select 'Run as Administrator'.

This is possibly because if you are not running it with elevated privileges, then it can't do the Impersonation to login to the server.

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Best verification is to make sure you are deploying the new reports to your report server link. And not to the link which corresponds to the report manager. I was running across the process of deploying reports after ages, and I observed this problem when the report server target link is not correct.

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