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My site has a large number of local service providers and their location information.

I'm assuming this is the sort of thing Google would like to index in their Maps or Places product since I see their map widget come up in related search results.

Google Places allows you to do a bulk upload but it has a verification process designed for individual business owners where they call or mail you something.

I've looked a bit into KML or GeoRSS. Has anyone had success using these methods to get Google to index location data that appears in their maps search results?

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Have you reviewed the Google webmaster tools documentation for sitemaps?


These cover how to submit data for Maps, Search and Earth.

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Yeah I think KML is the way to go. We'll see if they index it as I'm hoping. – Brian Armstrong Feb 11 '11 at 21:10
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At first I thought KML was the way to go, but this appears to be what I was looking for:

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