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This is a pretty special question and I'm not sure if stackoverflow is the right platform to ask it but I try anyway...

I'm currently writing an implementation of JSR-80 (javax.usb) and just found out that there is a Test Compliance Kit available. But this test compliance kit requires special hardware: A "Cypress EZ-USB FX Integrated Circuit Xcelerator Development Kit CY3671". The TCK contains a firmware image for this controller.

The problem is: I can't find this developer board anywhere. I only find obscure shops which sell it for 800 USD. As a Open Source developer I can't afford this. Now the question is: Is there some compatible alternative? A successor from Cypress maybe which is compatible to the firmware and which is more likely to be found on ebay? I found a "EZ-USB FX2 Board" on ebay which is affordable (50 USD) but I have no idea if it is compatible.

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Great you do this kind of work. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Feb 1 '11 at 9:06
You'll probably be fine if you can find any developer board with the same EZ-USB controller on it (CY7C64613). I don't think the FX2 is compatible. – starblue Feb 1 '11 at 16:10

The FX microcontroller was the product that support USB 1.1 standard. Now the last version of the chip in FX2LP. The evolution is: FX, FX2, FX2LP (rohs compliant chip). FX2/LP is not completely compatible with an FX, but it extends its capabilities with USB 2.0 and probably increase the data amd program memory. If you have a copy of a FX2LP firmware, the procedure to download the fw on board should be exactly the same (look for "soft configuration" and "re-enumeration").

Refere to this link for the development boards.

I hope this info could help you.


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I would suggest contacting the JSR spec lead, Boyd Dimmock. The JSR80 spec contains her contact information

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