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I am do replicating of two database (SQL Server 2000 and Postgre SQL). I use http://blog.hagander.net/archives/103-Replicating-from-MS-SQL-Server-to-PostgreSQL.html for this. Then i do last step the

ERROR: operator does not exist: character = integer; Error executing the query

appeared. I use the PostgreSQL 8.4.6 for that and ODBC drivers (all psqlodbc_08_04_0100.zip, psqlodbc_08_04_0200.zip) from here i also try to delete and install version that Synaptic called 9.0.2-1 and update odbc drivers i try (psqlodbc_09_00_0100.zip, psqlodbc_09_00_0101.zip, psqlodbc_09_00_0200.zip) it also return that error. The query launched from delphi where i use only System DSN runs normally

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Please show us the executed and failing query from the postgresql logfile. I believe this is a setting in the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, but to debug this, I need the exact query done. –  Daniel Feb 1 '11 at 15:05

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You need to fix your SQL statement.

I bet you have something like

WHERE character_column = 1

and you need to change that to

WHERE character_column = '1'

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