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When i see some website's mockup that i found that they not used webkit hacks even use Mozilla hacks in css.

what is the reason for not using webkit hacks even they put hacks for css inside Firefox.

In my opinion i am right that

the thinking is that webkit based software like Chrome who already update them automatically or other have user do because they are not depend on IE so they are mostly thing about stuff they used.

what is your thinking upon that

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IMHO you shouldn't use any CSS that is not covered well by let's say the top 5 browsers without using dodgy hacks. This brings you down to using CSS 2.1 because IE 8 (current) doesn't do any CSS 3. It limits you in options but everything you write works. Know that any css prefix like -moz- or -webkit- is a temporary solution and might change in any future release of the Browser. I think such things shouldn't end up in production environments. – Bazzz Feb 1 '11 at 8:26
There is no reason to stick to CSS that is going to render the same way in every browser. Use progressive enhancement. People with browser which support newer features can get those features, while people who don't still get something that is just fine. – Quentin Feb 2 '11 at 7:27

One or more of:

  • Not targeting webkit
  • Not knowing about webkit CSS prefixes
  • Knowing that the webkit implementation will produce results that aren't good enough (the CSS vendor prefixes are for things that are still experimental)
  • Not wanting to invest extra time in testing experimental features on that browser
  • Deciding that support is good enough without the prefix
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their is no differences. webkit depend on -webkit prefix instead of -moz. but many thing in -webkit may be missing . – DELETE me Feb 1 '11 at 10:51
There are differences. Heck, it isn't uncommon for there to be significant differences between different versions of the same browser when it comes to vendor prefixes. That's the point of using them, to experiment and nail down differences before they become standard. A vendor prefix is a clear sign that extra care and attention needs to be given to testing that bit of code. – Quentin Feb 1 '11 at 11:00

Yes, support for standard-compliant browsers, checked with at least the top 5, is important.

Using reasonably correct English helps with the professional impression, as well.

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