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In a SOA - environment there tend to be a lot of projects in Cruise Control .net - I have about 30 at the moment and there will be more to come. In CI the narrow focus is a good thing but for me who want to present statistics of code quality and other metrics for the team as a whole it is a bit frustrating collecting the data from all the projects. So I wonder: Has anyone made some kind of summary project? With ccnets mergetask it should be doable as long as they don´t have the same name right?

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It was no problem whatsoever

I added a nulltask to generate a green build and a merge task with a gazillion references to all the other projects. the statistics xpaths expected only one report of each type so they need some tweaking but that's that.

Ideally had been a way to copy all the reports from each project to the statisticsproject - but the naming and cleanup fixes made that a lot more complex solution. As long as we don´t create more than a handful new projects in a sprint this is painless.


      <intervalTrigger seconds="$(MyTimeBetweenChecks)" name="continuous" buildCondition="IfModificationExists" />
      <scheduleTrigger time="23:55" buildCondition="ForceBuild" name="ContinousTriggerNightly">
      <nullTask/><!-- returnerar success så projektet inte failar för det inget gör-->

          <!-- nunit  NCover-NUnit-Results-->

         <!-- fxcopreport-->

          <!-- ncover_symbolmodule-->

          <!-- ncover_SymbolModuleNamespaceClassMethod-->

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there is one problem with this - the ncover detail tab crashes - too much data - but the summary is enough for the statistics... –  zzzuperfly Feb 28 '11 at 12:00

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