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I have problem with import class into interfaces in my view model class with MEF.

I view model I create property:

    private IEventAggregator EventAgg { get; set; }

and I want subcribe this event aggregator in constructor of view model:

So I try this:

    public MessengerViewModel()

I run app but app freeze.

So I try subscribe event aggregator in OnImportsSatisfied method:

    public void OnImportsSatisfied()

But this method is never calling when is view model class created.

Only solution which work is:

    public MessengerViewModel(IEventAggregator eventAggregator)
        EventAgg = eventAggregator;

What is bad in first two ways?

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The first method will not work because by the time when the constructor gets called the EventAgg dependency is still null.

The second method with OnImportsSatisfied should work as long as your view model implements the IPartImportsSatisfiedNotification imterface.

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  1. You can't use property (setter) injection on a private property
  2. You should implement IPartImportsSatisfiedNotification on your ViewModel if you wish MEF to automatically call OnImportsSatisfied
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