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       class Hen {
            friend class Nest ;
            class Nest {
                    int n ;
                    friend class Egg;
                    class Egg {
                         int e ;
                    } *eg;
            } *nst ;
            public :
                friend void fill (  **!** ) ;
                ... // some code to show data
  1. if **!** = Nest *; using that function, How can I manipulate data in Egg?
  2. if **!** = Egg *; using that function, How can I manipulate data in Nest?

Note : I have tried and searched in internet but I could not find any answer. So, I am asking there, if these question is trivial, forgive me !

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You need to make the outer class a friend of the nested class:

class Hen {             
    class Nest {
    friend class Hen;
        class Egg {
        friend class Nest;
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