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I have some situation that I want to use inner class of another class in another class. like...

public class ListData {
    public  static class MyData {

        public String textSongName, textArtistName, textDuration, textDownloadPath,
                textSongSize, textAlbumName, textUrl;
        public boolean enable;

        public MyData(String songName, String artistName, String duration,
                String downloadPath, String songSize, String albumName,
                String url, boolean e) {
            textSongName = songName;
            textArtistName = artistName;
            textDuration = duration;
            textDownloadPath = downloadPath;
            textSongSize = songSize;
            textAlbumName = albumName;
            textUrl = url;
            enable = e;


now I want to use Mydata class in another.

how can I do this?


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Can you please reformat your example to avoid name conflict and to correct indentation? – Nicolas Feb 1 '11 at 10:38
You can, but don't you think you should make it top-level. (Btw: terminology post-1.1 is nested class for a "static inner class". Inner class for non-static nested classes.) – Tom Hawtin - tackline Feb 1 '11 at 11:00
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ListData.MyData myData = new ListData.MyData();
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So nested classes are as if they exist inside the scope of outer class? – Shamim Hafiz Feb 1 '11 at 10:40
No. Here, MyData is a static inner class. Id doesn't depend on the parent class and doesn't have access to the internals of bounded class. I fixed a mistake, caused by wrong formatting. – Vladimir Ivanov Feb 1 '11 at 10:42
(Sorry for previous comment, missed the static in the inner class declaration.) Non-static inner classes are within the bounds of their outer class, in fact you can't have an instance of the inner without one of the outer. Static inner classes are encapsulated within their enclosing class but contain no reference to it, they essentially behave like separate classes otherwise. – berry120 Feb 1 '11 at 10:43

Static Nested Classes

OuterClass.StaticNestedClass nestedObject = new OuterClass.StaticNestedClass();

Inner Classes

OuterClass.InnerClass innerObject = InnerClass();

More about Nested Classes

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If you can create inner class object from other class that is out of scope from your enclosing class than you should use its fully qualified name.... Here , your outer class is ListData and your Inner class is Mydata and we call Mydata from another class eg. YourData.. than we can use below statement..

Syntax : outerclass.innerclass = new outerclass.innerclass();

=> ListData.MyData objectname = new ListData.MyData();

NOTE : this can use only when innner class is static..

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