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How do I split a string with any whitespace chars as delimiters?

Both of these Python lines gives me exactly the same list:

print("1 2 3".split())
print("1  2   3".split())


['1', '2', '3']
['1', '2', '3']

I was surprised when the Java 'equivalents' refused:

System.out.println(Arrays.asList("1 2 3".split(" ")));
System.out.println(Arrays.asList("1  2   3".split(" ")));


[1, 2, 3]
[1, , 2, , , 3]

How do I make Java ignore the number of spaces?

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Try this:

"1  2  3".split(" +")

// original code, modified:
System.out.println(Arrays.asList("1 2 3".split(" +")));
System.out.println(Arrays.asList("1  2   3".split(" +")));

The argument passed to split() is a Regex, so you can specify that you allow the separator to be one or more spaces.

I you also allow tabs and other white-space characters as separator, use "\s":

"1  2  3".split("\\s+")

And if you expect to have trailing or heading whitespaces like in " 1 2 3 ", use this:

 "  1 2   3   ".replaceAll("(^\\s+|\\s+$)", "").split("\\s+")
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Isn't the built-in String.trim() faster and a little more readable than String.replaceAll("(^\\s+|\\s+$)", "") or am I missing something ? –  Costi Ciudatu Feb 1 '11 at 11:52
^^ True, but then he wouldn't have the opportunity to show off his 1337 REGEX SKLZ. ;-) –  Chris Nava Feb 1 '11 at 15:57
haha :-) I was thinking that trim was only triming the space character –  arnaud576875 Feb 1 '11 at 16:08

How about using a neat regular expression? Note that according to Java API documentation, String.split will take a regular expression string parameter.

"1 2   3".split("\\s+")
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I think this should do:

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I prefer "1 2 3".split("\s+") than "1 2 3".split(" +"). When you use \s instead of " " it is more readable and safer.

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