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i have one site on asp mvc 2 with authentifiation ant etc. and second site on asp mvc 2, walking near him. how can i insert second project to first, from vs2010 for example, and debug them in one time, is there any MapRoute to an application, or anything? i mean both of them have HomeController for example, and simple copiyng files causes invalid situasions. any suggestions apritiated.

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You have two possibilities. Either start two separate instances of Visual Studio, load both sites and run them in debug mode or combine the two projects into a Visual Studio single solution (then you have the possibility to specify multiple start projects in the properties of the solution so that when you hit F5 both web sites will be run in debug mode).

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i think u didnt understand question. so i solved it by areas – eba Feb 1 '11 at 13:45

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