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I'd like to convert the following PATH into a UNC path in Ruby.


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A UNC path requires that you know the name of the server and share, neither of which are present in your path, unless you're looking for something like:

If this is what you want:

def File.to_unc( path, server="localhost", share=nil )
  parts = path.split(File::SEPARATOR)
  parts.shift while parts.first.empty?
  if share
    parts.unshift share
    # Assumes the drive will always be a single letter up front
    parts[0] = "#{parts[0][0,1]}$" 
  parts.unshift server

puts File.to_unc( "C:/Users/bla/bla2/asdf-ut-script.js" )
#=> \\localhost\C$\Users\bla\bla2\asdf-ut-script.js

puts File.to_unc( "C:/Users/bla/bla2/asdf-ut-script.js", 'filepile' )
#=> \\filepile\C$\Users\bla\bla2\asdf-ut-script.js

puts File.to_unc( "/bla/bla2/asdf-ut-script.js", 'filepile', 'HOME' )
#=> \\filepile\HOME\bla\bla2\asdf-ut-script.js
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thanks m8 much appreciated ! – wmitchell Feb 3 '11 at 12:45

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