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Just terminology question. Some articles mention that things like Button, Panel, SplitPanel, etc. are controls. Some called components. Is Both correct?

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possible duplicate of Component Vs Control – Hans Passant Feb 1 '11 at 15:09

I think you're talking not about Visual Studio, but .NET.

System.Windows.Forms.Control class signature:

public class Control : Component, IDropTarget, ISynchronizeInvoke, IWin32Window, IBindableComponent, IComponent, IDisposable

System.ComponentModel.Component class signature:

public class Component : MarshalByRefObject, IComponent, IDisposable

Thus, a Control is a Component.

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The Control is a Visual Component. every control is a component but not all the components are controls.

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Also, components go into Component Tray and controls go on UI Design Surface. (Sticking to Windows Forms Context) – decyclone Feb 1 '11 at 14:11

Controls are one kind of component.

Class libraries are also considered components.

A component is a set of (normally related) classes distributed in one package (i.e. a dll).

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A control is a component; but a component is not necessarily a control.

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Well,visually speaking usually components are a subset of controls. Just check the tools tab and you will see one section called components.

They are controls that have not a direct visual representation at the form like an ErrorProvider, an ImageList, a Timer, etc ...

enter image description here

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