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I have some ideas for some web projects that have the potential to go big. However, they involve server-side scripting and would take a few weeks to make, so they would have weeks of exposure to the public before the beta is even out. How do I keep a site secure enough that only people working on the site can see the material being made?

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I'd suggest using a local development server (configured as closely as possible to the production/live server), rather than a public-facing web-accessible server. If the people working on the development are based in other offices/places/work-from-home, then you could maybe look at setting up a VPN to allow them to access the development server from their place of work.

In addition to this use some form of access control (username/password), possibly including IP address restriction (though this could be tricky if your devs don't have fixed IP addresses).

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  1. Disable anonymous browsing
  2. Add a password to your site
  3. Filter who can see the site by IP
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