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I've stumbled over a problem regarding key events.

I use an iframe in my webapp to allow for third party apps to run. The iframe's content will come from a different origin and will be sandboxed (it's untrusted, and I will use the postMessage-functionality for communications).

What I what is to be able to capture some key events before they reach the iframe (such as exit), to force the third party apps to shut down. The problem is though, that once the iframe gains focus, it is the iframe's window all events start from. They never pass the owner document, and I have found no way around it...

Any good ideas?


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Forgot to mention that there is no mouse involved here (it's run on an embedded device), so the user can't just click on the main document to give it focus. –  jocke138 Mar 8 '11 at 10:27

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