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windows xp, gnu grep from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/grep.htm

I have file with line breaks:


I try to use gnu grep for finding this file by regexp pattern "test.*\n*.*12"

grep -G "test.*\n*\.*12" C:\myfile_with_linebreaks.txt

but no success.

Which parameters or regexp pattern i need use to find string with line breaks?

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I often use [^\0] (every character but NUL), since most strings don't contain the NUL character. Otherwise, I assemble a character group that includes . and \n:

grep -G "test[.\n]*12" C:\

If, on the contrary, you want exactly one line break between test and 123, I’d use the non-greedy * operator:

grep -G "test.*?\n.*?12" C:\

The ? question mark after the * operator will restrain that operator. Without ?, it will carry on until it finds the last following match; with ? it will stop at the first following match.

Also, it might be that you explicitly need to enable POSIX extended regular expressions, with the -E switch:

grep -E "test.*?\n.*?12" C:\
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I tried this option (-z, --null-data every character but NUL), but disadvantage that all file content treated as single line. My files really big, so this options don't satisfate me –  popalka Feb 1 '11 at 14:44
Ah, wait. You actually want exactly one line break between test and 123? See the edit. –  Martijn Feb 1 '11 at 15:17

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