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I was looking into OMG's Business Process Definition MetaModel (BPDM) and found the meta-model definition as XMI/CMOF(Complete MOF) file (download here).

Now I was looking for any tools that support reading, editing and displaying the MOF file, but I could not find any. I only found out the Eclipse's ECore is somewhat based on Essential MOF (EMOF), but I could not exploit this relationship.

Do you know any tools, libraries, scripts with MOF support that could handle the mentioned file?

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At least by using google I find several tools for accessing MOF based files:
Programmer friendly:
Modeling friendly:

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Marius already provided a good solution. However, just in case you find it useful, there is a tool by EmPowerTech that can serve the purpose of exploring the UML metamodel. http://www.empowertec.de/products/uml-metamodel-viewer

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Unfortunately they embedded the UML metamodel into a DLL. So it is not possible to load a different metamodel. –  f3lix Jul 27 '11 at 11:33
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