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I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of several CMS alternatives.

Currently shortlisted to:

  1. SiteCore
  2. MOSS 2007
  3. Help me find a third choice..

I don't have a preference for Open Source/Free/Commercial Products, my main specifications are the need to support/connect to SharePoint for deployment across multiple servers and multi language.

I am a SharePoint/ASP.NET/C# Developer myself, but the idea is to have the Marketing people handle most of the maintenance themselves and come to me for assistance now and then.

The sites will be hosted for commercial purposes.

I have been to CMS Matrix and although its outdated, it gave me something to think about most the choices I have so far, but I would like to get expert advice on SO users with some experience or expert knowledge on the matter.


P.S. I see links here and there about Joomla support for SharePoint, but I don't think I could support this..

(not supported officially under IIS which is ultimately what we would like to build this on..and the skill set seems mostly based on PHP so its a bit of a RISK for me..)

so if you wish to recommend it, please include a link to a tutorial you think illustrates this easily.

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We have found SiteCore to be a great product and cheaper for just CMS than SharePoint, both in development times and license costs.

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