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I was wondering whether any of you had any experience with PHP source code analyzers (like FindBugs for Java).

What I'm looking for is a tool that scans my codebase for what appears to be bad code. This could be unused globals, too deep nesting or something af that kind.

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Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/378959/… –  Mark Baker Feb 1 '11 at 14:51
try here stackoverflow.com/questions/1778683/dead-code-detection-in-php , they list a few usefull tools but don't know if any of them are realy what you need . –  Poelinca Dorin Feb 1 '11 at 14:52

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There are tons of projects like this. But none of them will actually find bugs. That's still your responsibility and the reason for testing. But you can use tools to determine if your testing is sufficient or if your code is of high quality or not (by reasonably standard metrics)...

  • PHP CPD - A copy and paste detector to find code that looks similar in your application
  • PHP PMD - A "Mess Detector" which tries to find unused parameters, complicated expressions, complicated methods, etc.
  • PHP CS A code-sniffer that makes sure code follows a defined coding standard (mostly for readability)
  • PHP Unit - A unit testing suite.
  • PHP Depend - A tool for finding complex code, inter-dependencies, etc.

But note that none of them will actually tell you if your code is bad. They will alert you to possible bad parts of code, but it's still up to you to determine if it's actually bad...

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Some IDEs do that quite well. In PHPStorm I can run a code inspection, which list me undefined (and potentially undefined) variables, unused variables, dead code, ...

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xdebug is a good option, but depending on what type of analysis you want to do you may be able to get away with writing something yourself using php's token_get_all() function or if you want to deal with the actual opcodes, using the pecl parsekit extension

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See our PHP CloneDR for a tool that finds cloned code, whether reformatted, recommented, and even with edits. Cloned code is often buggy, as one verions of the clone contains updates that the other needs but didn't get. These errors are often direcly visible in the CloneDR's display of clones and precisely how they differ; an unreasonable difference (e.g., a string value in one clone, where the other has a number) is usually an indication of a problem. YMMV.

PHPCPD claims to do some kind of clone detection by matching token sequences, but appears to only find exact matches and thus locates only a few percent clones. This doesn't match our long experience with clone detection tools. CloneDR finds typically 10-20% clones in most codes.

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