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I'm developing a java midlet application for Nokia & Blackberry. To get these 2 versions (with their unique code) in one project I'm working with a static boolean variable j2me for initialising device-specifik variables. Is this a good way of working? I've also considered to create an ant build file in order to load device specifik chunks of code.

I've solved the biggest differences in logic by creating the app as dynamic as possible.

private void initDeviceSpecificVariables() {
    if(Settings.j2me)   {       System.out.println("Loading j2me specifik variables");
    db = new DatabaseJ2me();
    parser = new J2meParser(db);
    else    {                   System.out.println("Loading bb specifik variables");
    db = new DatabaseBB();
    parser = new BBParser(db);
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Ant because that could be a solution -> maybe change some specifik parts of the code that can't be changed flexible design by using an ant? And j2ee because that's what I'm working with. – Vincent Feb 1 '11 at 15:40

If possible, write a platform abstraction layer and then write your application code on top of it. The platform abstraction layer could be implemented with code for both the platforms or could be a set of interfaces and separate implementations for each platform. An approach like this decouples your core application code and the platform specific code and also allows you to maintain a single version of application code library with two sets of libraries for each version of a platform.

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