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in bash I need to get the pid of a running process whose I know name and parent pid.
In ps' manual I read you can select processes using such arguments:

--ppid <pidlist>


-C <cmdlist>

So, in order to get the pid of running "" child of $parentpid, I tried:

ps -C --ppid $parentpid -o pid --no-headers

but I got all the children processes of $parentpid. The -C argument seems to be ignored also if I swap it with the other one.

Any help, expecially avoiding sed and grep and the like? Thank you!

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Give this a try:

pgrep -P $parentpid '^$'

Also see Process Management.

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Chapeau. This is exactly what I need. – etuardu Feb 1 '11 at 15:49

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