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In JSF, I would like to have a date helper attached to an h:inputText tag. The input text could either be a string or a date. I would just like something that would help the user input a correct date if thats what they are choosing.

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How about rich:calendar ?

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Do you mean you want a DatePicker widget on your form? If so have a look here: date+time picker for jsf and also here

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If you use tomahawk you could use the inputCalendar. It has a popup that lets you pick the date or you can type into the textbox.

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Take a look at PrimeFaces. They've got a great library of components. Including a date picker (they call it a "calendar") with some pretty nifty options.

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Also you can try jQuery DatePicker, if you are using just JSF and don't want rich, prime or anything else.



<h:inputText id="InpDate" />


   showOn: "button",
   buttonImage: "../images/calendarIcon.png",
   buttonImageOnly: true

This will "attach" a calendar icon in your input, as you want. Maybe you will need to use "formId:InpDate" to get it working, but im not sure about this..

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this will not work with Id. The rendered HTML will have a changed id(form id appended). Style class can be used to avoid this problem. – Umer Hayat May 22 '12 at 7:18

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