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Im designing a user control that has the following:

  • a textbox called 'AddressInput'
  • a google maps plugin
  • a linkbutton
  • a textbox for the marker title called 'MarkerTitleInput'
  • a "Submit" button

The problem is this:

When the linkbutton is clicked, I need to validate that AddressInput was completed, but nothing else

When the submit button is clicked, I need to validate that AddressInput and MarkerTitleInput were both completed.

So my first two problems are: 1) How do i validate certain fields from a linkbutton, without submitting the form 2) How do i validate all fields from the form being submitted

My other problem is that when the linkbutton is clicked, my code runs a lookup against Google's Geocode to get an address. I was going to create an additional validation method to handle when an address is not found, but using a validator means the json request is sent everytime a key is pressed, which is too much - i only want the validation to run when the linkbutton is clicked. I have tried (selector).validate({ onkeyup:false }) with no avail. Is it perhaps possible to manually set whether the .valid() method thinks the form is valid?

Thanks Al

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          pg1:"_Phone1 _Phone2 _Phone3",

          pg2:"dob_month dob_day dob_year"


      errorPlacement:function(error, element){

      if(element.attr("name")=="_Phone1"|| element.attr("name")=="_Phone2" || element.attr("name")=="_Phone3"){


      else if
        (element.attr("name")=="dob_month"|| element.attr("name")=="dob_day" || element.attr("name")=="dob_year"){






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Give each of the two buttons a unique class (for ease of targeting in jQuery).

Give each class an OnClick event.

Validate in the OnClick event.

If the validation succeeds, return true.

Else return false.

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Hi Jeff - thanks for the response, but how would that work alongside jQuery's validate plugin? –  higgsy Feb 1 '11 at 16:24

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