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To be exact, how can I get the value of the <display-name> tag under the <web-app> tag stored in an application's web.xml in a Spring application context configuration XML file.

Ideally I would like something like the following...

<bean><property value="${servletContext.servletContextName}/></bean>

It seem like ServletContext.getServletContextName() does what I want but I can't seem to figure out how to get a handle on that in the Spring application context file.

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Ok, the answer is trivial in Spring 3.0.x. Per the documentation for ServletContextFactory

Deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, since "servletContext" is now available as a default bean in every WebApplicationContext

So I decided to try the following and it worked!

<bean><property value="#{servletContext.servletContextName}/></bean>

Since servletContext object is implicitly defined we can access it via Spring EL using the #{} syntax.

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+1 I stand corrected :) – skaffman Feb 1 '11 at 19:27

I don't think you can do this via the XML config.

You can autowire a bean to receive the ServletContext object (or implement ServletContextAware), and fetch it from that programmatically, but I don't think the XML expressions have any visibility of it.

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Maybe try the Expression Language?

   <property value="#{T(javax.servlet.ServletContext).getServletContextName()}"/>

I suspect that would print null if it works though, since there is no context yet.

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I believe what you have there is for calling a static method, is it not? In which case getServletContextName is not static. – Andrew White Feb 1 '11 at 18:20

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