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I have CCValidator installed in 3 different locations (servers where CC.NET runs).

The problem that I have is that 2 of them do not recognize CC.NET plugins that I have installed - specifically conditional elements within the .config file. One version of CCValidator works as expected with conditional elements, but the other 2 do not.

The conditional elements are coming into use more and more often. I need to find updates for CCValidator to recognize the plugins I have and use regularly.

I did not install the various instances of CCValidator and can find nothing about downloading the newest version or updates. I have checked several posts that included links that did not lead anywhere that helped.

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CruiseControl.net configuration validation tool is provided with ccnet installation. It has the same version as ccnet.

You should not install another version, as it is linked to your ccnet installation. If you have warnings or errors with the validator then :

  • be sure to use the right CCValidator.exe under the server folder (not inside ccvalidator).
  • upgrade your ccnet installation. v1.6.xxxx is stable enough and fix many thing from v1.5

For your information, I'm using ccnet v1.5.7385.122 and ccnet v1.6.7991.1 without any plugin error/issue.

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