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I was absolutely loving the Alt+Up Arrow in VS 2010 Pro Power tools.

Right now I can't get it to work and I'm not sure how to map it back myself. It could even be that ReSharper is getting involved.

If you can help me, I love you. I am a broken man without Move Line Up/Down

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Few things to verify:

  1. Pro power tools is not Disabled.
  2. There is n issue with Non-english Version of Visual Studio. Are you using non-english Version of VS.
  3. Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard Edit.MoveLineUp and Edit.MoveLineDown are they mapped to Alt+ up/down arrows?

If all these are correct and still you don't get it working, please post your question in here:

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I fixed the same problem:

  1. Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard
  2. find Edit.MoveLineUp and Edit.MoveLineDown
  3. change the default key combination to Alt+UpArrow and Alt+DownArrow, apply them
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Before vs2013, need to install an extension called moveline to make the key alt + up and alt + down work.

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