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So everything is setup for my client on my local server but I now have to put it online. I have a couple of questions. So basically I want to make it somehow like a skype video call. The user receives an appointment at a specific hour to talk to the site administrator. At that given hour, the user logs in and goes to a page to go live with the administrator. Both the administartor need to see and hear the client, and the client the administrator. The questions are : 1. is rtmp even the best sollution for this ? or is this possible with rtmp ? 2. I know how to connect to stream from localhost and then connect to the stream like so stream

ns.publish("stream", "live");



is it as simple when you stream from a online server ? 3. I acknowledged that I need a dedicated server to stream, but when I browse hosts I can’t find much info on this. Would this Economy pack do ? I really like goDaddy so it would be cool if I would stick to them .. Is it hard to install Red5 on a GoDaddy server ? or should I go with something like this – ? Thanks!

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to subscribe you should do"stream"); – mizi_sk May 12 '11 at 21:49
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1a) The best is RTMFP P2P or via FMS. It's UDP based and uses less bandwidth. To use it you need FMS3.5 or higher or with Adobe Stratus/Cirrus.

1b) Yes it is possible with all 'media' protocols (RTMFP, RTMP and it's tunneled/secured variants)

2) yes, it's that simple when using remote server, you just put your server address instead of localhost

3) In the beginning I would definitely use some media server hosting like wowza or FMS (my favorite is INFLUXIS, they got great support, they are keen to help with AS3 code also)

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