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        <div class="pageNavWrap">
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">1</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">2</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">3</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">4</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">5</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">6</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">7</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">8</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">9</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">10</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">11</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">12</a>
            <a class="pageLink" href="#">13</a>



How can I stop the links overflowing downwards? I would like them to overflow-x only (already specified in CSS) so that the horizontal scroll bar comes into play.


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You need to give the div a width – sunn0 Feb 1 '11 at 17:23
@sunn The div is occupying the remaining space available in it's container, this is not possible unfortunatly. – Tom Gullen Feb 1 '11 at 17:24

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you need to add


Browsers don't all seem to agree about inheritance on this attribute so try adding it to both css rules.

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Awesome thank you! – Tom Gullen Feb 1 '11 at 17:33

have you tried adding display:inline to the a.pageLink class

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No luck sorry that didn't work – Tom Gullen Feb 1 '11 at 17:22

Overflow-x might not be the best option as we are still waiting for all browsers to adopt all CSS3 features.

From a user experience point of view, do you really need the 13 (or more) pagination results? If you decide yes, then I would consider making your pagination results into a list and left-float the li's with a css declaration display:inline;

To force your list to always appear on one line, consider white-space:nowrap

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If you're not picky about browser compatibility:

  display: table-row;
  display: table-cell;

and I was going to suggest white-space: nowrap; as well but @Noel Walters beat me to it.

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