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my $c=  'ODD_`!"£$%^&*(){}][@@;:/?.>,<|\'

I want to replace all of them into as special character

how achiveve this in faster way ..

my $c=  'ODD_\`\!\"\£\$\%\^\&\*\(\)\{\}\]\[\@\,\;\:\/\?\.\>\,\<\|\\'
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Use quotemeta:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use warnings; use strict;

my $c = 'ODD_`!"£$%^&*(){}][@@;:/?.>,<|\\';

print quotemeta($c), "\n";

Note that your definition of $c would not compile as you have to escape \ even in single quoted strings.

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While I think that Sinan's answer is correct for what I am assuming you need (based on your list of characters to escape), for completeness I will add the module URI::Escape which escapes the metacharacters in HTML text. It does seem that it has some facility to specify the unsafe characters though, so perhaps it could help you too.

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