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Doctrine documentation explains that in order to add doctrine record filter, you have to unshiftFilter() to table definition setUp() method:

public function setUp(){
    $this->unshiftFilter(new MyDoctrineRecordFilter());

In symfony's case that supposed to go to base class (i.e. /lib/model/doctrine/base/BaseArticle.class.php) but as symfony overwrites base classes every time i rebuild the schema - how (or where) should i define that filter so it would appear there after running the doctrine:build command? I can't find any reference in doc or internet about it's definition in schema.yml.


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We are using doctrine 1.2.4. It seems that there is no yaml-schema equivalent

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As you've learned, never make any changes to automatically generated base classes. Your changes will just be wiped away.

Instead, you'll find child classes that extend your base classes. Symfony/Doctrine won't touch those once they are created (with the exception of symfony doctrine:clean-model-files). In your case, look for:


Form Filters are defined similarly on a different path:

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Thanks for quick answer. I'm aware of that. Tried to add the setup function to Article.class.php: public function setUp(){ parent::setUp(); $this->unshiftFilter(new MyDoctrineRecordFilter()); } but then i get error when trying to rebuild the schema: Fatal error: Call to a member function evictAll() on a non-object in C:\projects\myproject\lib\vendor\symfony\lib\plugins\sfDoctrinePlugin\lib\vendor‌​\doctrine\Doctrine\Connection.php on line 1239. Note that MyDoctrineRecordFilter is not formfilter, but doctrine record filter (extends Doctrine_Record_Filter). –  dsomnus Feb 1 '11 at 18:15

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