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I am building an MVC application and have the need to send a different cachecontext (wraps info on which cache to use) into my repositories using the DependencyResolver. There are 10 different types of cachecontexts that can be passed in. At the moment, I am using 10 different registrations for 10 different types of interfaces (ICacheContexts). This works but does not seem like the correct way of handling this circumstance. Is there a way to create a factory that knows the object type it is being passed to so I can just determine the correct CacheContext to return and thus only have one registration to maintain?

Current code:

builder.Register(c => new CacheContext(AppConfig.AppBucketName, AppConfig.AppBucketpassword))
builder.Register(c => new CacheContext(AppConfig.AcctBucketName, AppConfig.AcctBucketpassword))
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You need to do this from the repository side - for each repository, configure its parameters to resolve the right cache context. E.g. (paraphrasing)

builder.Register(c => new CacheContext(...for appls...))

    .WithParameter((pi, c) => pi.ParameterType == typeof(ICacheContext),
                   (pi, c) => c.ResolveNamed<ICacheContext>("apps"));

Hope this gets you on the right track.

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Now that is a thing of beauty. I had glanced at WithParameter but didn't think it would help. So I should be able to use RegisterAssemblyTypes with AsImplementedAssemblies to autoregister my assemblies to the correct CacheContext based on say the namespace? That is definitely far more elegant than the road I was taking. Thanks! – AlexGad Feb 5 '11 at 5:32
Glad it helped - yes, both the Named() part on the cache context, and the choice of service name on the repository side, should be able to be rigged up to apply a convention if need be. Cheers! – Nicholas Blumhardt Feb 5 '11 at 9:44

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