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Is it possible in MVC to do the following with a single controller "ListController" to take care of the following pages...

www.example.com/List/Cars/ForSale/{id} optional

www.example.com/List/Cars/ForRent/{id} optional


www.example.com/List/Boats/ForSale/{id} optional

www.example.com/List/Boats/ForRent/{id} optional


If not, is there any way to get around it besides making a CarsController and BoatsController separate? They will be using the same logic just would like the URLs different.

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You can definitely do this. It is simple using routing. You can route the different urls to different actions in your controller.

Here are examples of defining some of the above urls:

    new { controller = "list", action = "carsale", id =  UrlParameter.Optional }

    new { controller = "list", action = "search"}

    new { controller = "list", action = "boatsale", id =  UrlParameter.Optional }

Then in your controller you would have action methods for each:

public ListController 
    // ... other stuff 

    public ActionResult CarSale(int? id)
      // do stuff

      return View("CarView");

    public ActionResult BoatSale(int? id)
      // do stuff

      return View("BoatView");

        // ... other stuff 
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Or you could make the type of item a parameter too, al a routes.MapRoute("Sale", "/List/{itemtype}/ForSale{id}", /*...*/) –  qes Feb 1 '11 at 18:41
Thanks for the fast reply! Inside my controller how will I create the action result functions to tell the difference between Cars/ForSale/{id}, Cars/ForSale/ and Boats/ForSale/{id}, Boats/ForSale/ –  zLan Feb 1 '11 at 18:44
I update the code to show actions which will render different views. –  Matthew Manela Feb 1 '11 at 18:48

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