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I've been having trouble using xmpp4r to do in-band registration following the SO thread here:

XMPP transport to another protocol

The problem comes down to that I get a NoMethodError Exception error for new_register when I run the following code:

require "xmpp4r"
require "xmpp4r/client" 
require "xmpp4r/iq"

def in_band_reg

     chat_name = 'testChatName'
     password  = 'pword'

     reg    = Jabber::Iq.new_register(chat_name, password)


NoMethodError Exception: undefined method `new_register' for Jabber::Iq:Class

In the xmpp4r gem in the file iq.rb I can see the new_register method defined as:

 def Iq.new_register(username=nil, password=nil)

but when I examine the class's methods I'm not able to see the new_register method. I.E.

["new_authset", "new_rosterget", "new_vcard", "new_rosterset", "import",    "new_authset_digest", "new_query", "add_elementclass", "new_browseget"]

 ["query=", "queryns", "set_type", "type", "typed_add", "type=", "query", "vcard"]


Any idea why I can't access the new_register method in 'xmpp4r/iq' ?

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I got this working by just coding it up myself. First connect a client that can in-band register new users:

jid = JID::new('admin@ejabberd.server.com/res')
client = Client::new(jid, false)

then have that client register a new user by sending an in-band message

iqr = Iq.new(:set)
qr = IqQuery.new
username = 'new_user'
password = 'new_user_password'
client.send iqr
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This solution is very useful for me but i steel not understand your output, so can you explain it? –  Jigar Bhatt Jul 9 '14 at 12:21

What version of xmpp4r are you using? Have you tried the GitHub version?

gem sources -a http://gems.github.com (you only need to do this once!)
gem install ln-xmpp4r
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I'm using version 0.5 which I think is the latest. –  James Testa Feb 3 '11 at 3:13

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