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Basically, when would you create a site that stretches across the browser and when would you create a site that is a centered in the middle and is of a fixed size?

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This question is too subjective. It really depends on what kind of site / application you're building. –  Cody Caughlan Jan 28 '09 at 6:31
@Cody: Agreed, but I for one would love to see how people excuse or justify their decisions in this subject. –  scraimer Jan 28 '09 at 6:41

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I think this is a design decision that depends on what you're making, the target audience, and I also think that both the models of design are well-accepted.

-- If you want to give a great experience to viewers of all resolutions, go for the expandable design.
-- If your design layout permits things to expand, and stretch without making the design look weird or bad, go for it.
-- Go for the fixed size design if you're in a hurry to finish because it's easier to program.
-- If you use a lot of graphics and visual elements it may be harder to code a flowing layout, so go for a fixed size layout.

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fixed size and dead in the center. I have only used such design for creating apache error pages.

Stretching across, I have seen that design when there are lot of pictures in a row.

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You might see people utilizing fixed width layouts more than you think. They tend to be a lot more straightforward to implement. Totally liquid resizable layouts, which great for usability, can be difficult to implement well, especially if you have a lot images, a complicated column layout, etc.

To make the decision you have to ask yourself if flexibility in page presentation is more important to the user experience than is total control over the graphic design. It's much hard to use very detailed graphic design techniques or lots of images if you can't guarantee that stuff will stay in place as the browser resizes.

I think there's a happy medium in elastic layouts - where some parts of the page expand/collapse with the browser, but not everything (also, using minimum widths is highly recommended).

As for centered? That's entirely a design decision.

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In my opinion, you should prefer a fixed size and centered design unless you have good reasons to do otherwise.

I allow myself to quote this source: Current style in web design

When the content sits in the centre of the screen, it feels up-front and confident.

It also gives a sense of simplicity and balance, which reflects the move towards clean, more Zen, design.

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You can't make everyone happy. The only rule I really use is to make my page fit a smaller window such as 800x600. I don't force a fixed size above that. Just because someone has a larger resolution does not mean their browser is full screen (mine never is).

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