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I've found that there is no printing interface built into .Net compact, so my question is how can I print? My overall goal is just to send some basic stuff to a wireless label printer that I will connect too via a printer share on our server.

Consider the question limited to sending a 'Hello World' print job. Its a label printer so i will have to deal with sending it the PLC codes and stuff later.

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Configuring and creating proper PCL for printers is a lot of work. Consider a third-party printing solution like PrinterCE or PrintBoy. I've used both for a variety of printers and both work well.

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After seeing a this source example here: http://www.taylorsnet.co.uk/SourceCodeDetail.aspx?SourceID=34 I decided to go the route of sending the data right to the device rather than through the windows printing. (Which makes a lot more sense in this situation)

The label printer comes with a software utility for creating labels and happens to save the labels in the PCL format, so I think I can use that program to make templates and insert the data where necessary.

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