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I have a check where I see if the delegate responds to a callback, then I try to performSelector:withObject:withObject:

if([delegate respondsToSelector:self.callback])
    [delegate performSelector:callback withObject:object withObject:error];

When this is executed, I end up in the callback method of

-(void)thisIsMyCallBack {
    //NSLog(@"object = ", object);

But I do not have access to the object.

I tried to create another method

-(void)thisIsMyCallBack:(NSObject *)object withObject:(NSObject *)error {
    //NSLog(@"object = ", object);

but this is not called, and the callback goes to the first one.

How do I access the objects that I want to pass?

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It looks like you need to set your callback property to:


In Obj-C, the the bits that look like named parameters to a method are really part of the method's selector. thisIsMyCallBack:withObject: is not the same as thisIsMyCallBack.

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Perfect, thanks for the help – John Feb 1 '11 at 18:51

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