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We're currently migrating from SVN to TFS;

Today there are Trunks, Branches and Tags to track and organize our development. But we are questioning the need of a trunk while we have shelvesets, and could just shelve the pending activities and unshelve & merge them as necessary into the main branch.

Is it a good plan ? Are there bad consequences upon doing this, has anyone tried before ?

Thanks in Advance!

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What is your rational for not having a trunk?

When you have changeset, there is no history on the 'trunk'. Although you can build from a shelveset, it is not possoble to build from multiple shelvesets (and thus validate a combined development effort).

It is also very risky and you could loose track very easy.

Altough it might be possible, I would never ever go for that route. You have branching in TFS Source Control, which works perfecly. Why trying to simulate this branching?

To see good guidance on branching, see Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010

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