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I'm using the IronCow managed API for RememberTheMilk (http://ironcow.codeplex.com/) and I'm trying to remove tasks using my program. I've already logged in and downloaded the tasks list, but when I later try to remove one I get the following exception:

[IronCow.RtmException] = {"User not logged in / Insufficient permissions"}

I'm removing tasks using this code (rtm is my logged in RTM object, myTask is the Task object I'm looking to delete)

TaskListCollection tlc = rtm.TaskLists;

foreach (TaskList list in tlc)
    TaskListTaskCollection taskListsTasks = list.Tasks;
    foreach (Task task in taskListTasks)
        if (!(task.IsDeleted || task.IsCompleted) && task.Name == myTask.Name)

the line it errors on is list.Tasks.Remove

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Discovered it was a permissions problem due to permissions being stored from an old version of the app that didn't need to delete

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