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I need some help with regex.

  1. I have a pattern AB.* , this pattern should match for strings like AB.CD AB.CDX (AB.whatever).and so on..But it should NOT match strings like AB,AB.CD.CD ,AB.CD. AB.CD.CD that is ,if it encounters a second dot in the string. whats the regex for this?

  2. I have a pattern AB.** , this pattern should match strings like AB,AB.CD.CD, AB.CD. AB.CD.CD but NOT strings like AB.CD ,AB.CDX, AB.whatever Whats the regex for this?

Thanks a lot.

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Clarify your use of . and () please; these are special in regexes but it looks like you want to match periods and you're just using () in your examples as a delimeter. Is this correct? – Dave C Jan 28 '09 at 7:11
yes that is correct. – regex Jan 28 '09 at 7:14
sorry not delimiters , but simply examples.. you can consider them as AB , AB.CD.CD , AB. CD , AB. CD.CD – regex Jan 28 '09 at 7:14
Why not update the question with the correct details rather than sprinkle the details in the original question and the comments section? – jussij Jan 28 '09 at 7:19

Looks like you've got globs not regular expressions. Dot matches any char, and * makes the previous element match any 0+ times.

1) AB\.[^.]* Escape the first dot so it matches a literal dot, and then match any character other than a dot, any number of times.

2) "^(AB)|(AB\.[^.]*\.[^.]*$" This matches AB or AB followed by .<stuff>.<stuff>

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I tried with globs , but it also gives true for both case AB.* and AB.** for any string matching AB.whatever , But my requirements are somewhat refined for * and ** – regex Jan 28 '09 at 7:12 contains lots of useful information for learning about regular expressions.

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If your regex engine supports negative lookahead you might try something like:




if you want to allow AB. )

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I don't find you're question entirely clear; please comment here (or edit your question if you can't add comments) if I'm getting this wrong but what I think you're looking for is:

1) matching strings "AB.AnyTextHereWithoutDots" but not "AB" or "" etc

If so a matching regex would be:


2) matching "AB" or "AB.something.something" with either none or two or more dots

If so a matching regex would be something like:

"^AB(\..*\..*)?$" or "'^AB\(\..*\..*\)\?" (depending on the nature of your regex engine)

As Douglas suggests matching with globs would likely be easier.

And as spdenne suggests, find a good regex reference.

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I tried this in vim. Here is the sample data:


Here is my regexes

  1. This captures all lines starting with AB and then expects a literal dot, and then filters out all lines that has a second dot.


  2. This captures all lines that is just an AB (the part before the pipe) or lines that start with AB that is followed by two literal dots (escaped with a backslash)


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