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I know cloudera is on the forefront of providing commercial support for hadoop/hbase/hdfs. Are there any other vendors who provide this?


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Cloudera provides commercial support for both hadoop and hbase. There are other vendors such as Karmasphere which provide tools. No one else provides support for hadoop on the scale of Cloudera.

UPDATE: Hortonworks, a hadoop spinoff from Yahoo is also entering this space.

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Yes, Sematext provides support about HBase, Hadoop/MapReduce/HDFS.

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Currently, only Cloudera can provide reliable 24x7 technical support for Hadoop and HBase.

Tokenizer provides commercial development subscription services (Nutch, Hadoop, HBase, Lucene, SOLR), including code reviews and critical assessments of your design and architecture, custom builds, bug fixes, technical monitoring and performance tuning, and etc.

There are some new really big players too, such as Platform Computing.

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Apart from above mentioned vendors you also have :



EMC Greenplum



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