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I have a folder containing lots of birt reports. I have to open one report, modify it in an rcp application. I want to copy from the original workspace all the resources related to the report i am working on. All the resources , for all the reports and in a big folder ..how can i find out witch ones my report depends on, so i can copy them. After i make the changes, i will deploy on jboss, the modified report, so that is why i need all the reports resources, so my reports show all in jboss.

Is it the way to do it ? Is there a simpler way ?


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Is it the way to do it ?

Depending on what kind of relation is between report design and resources, you could try to find them in rptdesign xml source.

For example I have a report with some images - their locations are referenced by <expression name="uri" type="constant">my_image.png</expression> tags, so i probably will find them manually using expression like <expression name="uri". I would try also simple .png, .jpg patterns to find them, if I knew what kind of files they are.

Next, libraries are listed in Outline view. They are also searchable in rptdesign xml.

Next, some resouces are defined as report properties: Property Editor -> Resources -> Properties files, Jar files, Javascript files. Also listed in rptdesign xml.

Is there a simpler way ?

I'm afraid, it isn't. If it is repetitive work, some script or xsl transformation on xml would do the job.

And be carefull with libraries - they can have their own dependencies.

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oki, thank you. –  Mara Feb 16 '11 at 19:23
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