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I'd like to use CSS's :hover pseudo-class to control a drop-down on hover. That's been accomplished. The tricky part, however, is animating that drop-down. I do not want to rely on jQuery to make the menu show up at all, it should work perfectly (albeit without the fade animation) with JS off. Is there a way to 'hook' into CSS's :hover and instead run some jQuery (fade the menu in, and out on hover out), if JS is turned on?

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very roughly, say you have <ul class="css-hovers">

then in jquery $('ul').removeClass('css-hovers').addClass('js-hovers'); - so the css and js hovers wont run at the same time ..

and add your jquery hovers: $('ul.js-hovers').hover(function () { ... etc - see Darko Z's answer

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@zach - This is exactly what I was thinking. – jlmakes Feb 2 '11 at 4:26
Nice! Shoulda thought of that, but that's a very effective, lean solution. Thanks! – Gavin Feb 2 '11 at 17:43

Thats fairly easy to accomplish with jQuery. Just have a look at this documentation:

Just remember to suppress the CSS hover when JS/jQuery is available

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That's the question, though, I'm perfectly aware of .hover(), I need to figure out exactly how to suppress the CSS hover. – Gavin Feb 1 '11 at 22:33

Have a look at the Superfish jQuery plugin, it just adds some fancy animation and hoverIntent support to a standard suckerfish CSS menu system. You can either just drop it in and move on to other things or study the source to find out how it works.

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