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I have a set of survey responses (scored 1-5) grouped by question. Right now I have the items being displayed with the respondent ID, the value of the response and a Sum at the bottom.

I would love to be able to hide the results row and just show the question and the average (while hiding all of the individual responses).

Here is how I have the Merge setup


Fellow  Response

Average 0.0

Sorry the table formatting was lost, but the Description is displayed on the top row, then you have 2 columns Fellow and Response. A single row which contains everything from the TableStart to the TableEnd and a row with the average.

The formula that is currently showing the 0.0 is:


My hope is to hide the information between TableStart and TableEnd so I can show a question and the average without the individual responses displaying.

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You could write something yourself using hidden text, or just use

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