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Suppose I have this very simple method in Store's model:

  def geocode_address
      loc = Store.geocode(address)
    self.lat = loc.lat
    self.lng = loc.lng

If I want to write some test scripts that aren't affected by the geocoding service, which may be down, have limitations or depend on my internet connection, how do I mock out the geocoding service? If I could pass a geocoding object into the method, it would be easy, but I don't see how I could do it in this case.


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Using Double-R (RR) https://github.com/btakita/rr, it's simple:

test 'should mock the geocoding service' do
  store = Store.new

  mock_location = mock(Object.new)

  assert_equal 1.234, store.lat
  assert_equal 5.678, store.lng
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Should that be: mock(store).geocode.with_any_args{mock_location} –  ramn Aug 21 '11 at 18:03
@ramn - No, because in OP's example, geocode is a class method of Store. –  jemminger Aug 23 '11 at 18:04

using rspecs built in mocking and stubbing, you could do something like this:

setup do
  @subject = MyClass.new

it 'handles geocoder success' do
  mock_geo = mock('result', :lat => 1, :lng => 1)

  Store.stub!(:geocode).and_return mock_geo


  @subject.lat.should == mock_geo.lat
  @subject.lng.should == mock_geo.lng

it 'handles geocoder errors' do
  Store.stub!(:geocode).and_raise Exception


  @subject.lat.should == _something_reasonable_
  @subject.lng.should == _something_reasonable_
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+1 Excellent example. I hate the often used practice of passing in an object to a class just so it can be mocked in a test. OP just needs to make sure they test the real function in something like Cucumber where the point is to test the whole application. –  Mike Bethany Feb 2 '11 at 1:18

If there's no way to mock a service then it shows a poor design. The service should be separate from the model (whatever a Store is). You just need to refactor into a more de-coupled system, which will both allow you to mock it, and make the system easier to maintain.

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